Orion Spur: Molten Mercury

Hello, hello, hello, I have returned. After a very long period of inactivity, I have once again decided to take the reins of this blog and announce to my nonexistent reader base that I have, in fact, finished a novellette. Yes! It’s true! You can thank Reddit for that one…

The Novelette was written in a month for the 50,000+ Subscriber Contest held by /r/writingprompts and let me tell you that it was wuite a bit of work, but I’m really bloody proud of it. Instead of uploading the full thing here, I’ll give you a dropbox-link to the .pdf that you can read on your computer or E-Book reader (if those things can read .pdfs). I tried converting it into an EPUB, but it somehow managed to fuck up my entire formatting, so I stopped. If anyone wants ti help me with that, I wont say no 😀

Anyway, here’s the link.

Please do read. Thanks very much for pretending to care!