Pen and Paper rolling table: Mercenaries

Yes, I do rolling tables now from time to time. This one is for all your mercenary needs: Be it solo warriors or company troubadours, whip out the random number generator your choice and it will spew out the basis for a very interesting character or some atmospheric flavour for your campaign. This was also posted on Reddit, and I highly recommend you check it out. Especially if you’re a GM, this subreddit is for you. Not to mention they have a fancy bot who will roll for you.


d20 This mercenary is a:

1: grizzled outlaw

2: lifelong wanderer

3: disillusioned deserter

4: bawdy adventurer

5: cold professional

6: glory-seeking soldier of fortune

7: seeker of knowledge and experiences

8: proud warrior on a quest to find a worthy opponent

9: commoner looking to make some easy money

10: loveable scoundrel

11: reputable veteran

12: bloodthirsty sadist

13: ascended beggar

14: hardened refugee

15: a former member of a disbanded army

16: devious sellsword

17: on a quest to cleanse the world of bandits or monsters

18: dishonoured city watchman

19: a runaway slave

20: merchant who has taken up killing

d8 their skillset is that of a: (optional: add a coin flip)

1: Warrior or Barbarian

2: Hunter or Trapper

3: Rogue or Assassin

4: Mage or Enchanter

5: Healer or Alchemist

6: Monster Hunter or Exterminator

7: Gladiator or Duellist

8: Cleric or Bard

d10 their primary weapon is a:

1: Longsword

2: Battleaxe

3: Scimitar

4: Halberd

5: Bow

6: Shortsword and Dagger

7: Crossbow

8: Warmace

9: Staff

10: Hammer

d8 which stands out for being:

1: covered in mysterious runes

2: made of an unusual material

3: emitting a supernatural hum or glow

4: obviously mastercrafted

5: of foreign design

6: poorly maintained and dirty

7: battered to the point of breaking

8: engraved with a name

d6 they are also good at:

1: Knowledge (d6:) 1. Legends and Foklore; 2. Languages; 3. Military Strategy and Logistics; 4. Politics and High Society; 5. Street Code; 6. Engineering

2: Game (d6): 1. Cards; 2. Dice; 3. Arm Wrestling; 4. Board Strategy; 5. Slap Jack; 6. Horseshoe Throwing

3: Secondary weapon (d6): 1. Throwing Knives; 2. Javelin; 3. Flail; 4. Unarmed Combat; 5. Darts; 6. Whip

4: Performing art (d6): 1. Singing; 2. Dancing; 3. Storytelling; 4. Acting; 5. Juggling; 6: Playing an Instrument

5: Craftsmanship (d6): 1. Smithing; 2. Construction; 3. Tailoring; 4. Brewing; 5. Carpenting; 6. Cooking

6: Adventuring skill (d6): 1. Geography or Navigation; 2. Lockpicking; 3. Equipment Maintenance; 4. Shadowing; 5. Riding; 6. Trade

d40 their main distinguishing feature is:

1: unusually light or heavy armour

2: colourful clothing

3: a disfiguring facial scar

4: an unwillingness to do certain types of jobs

5: obvious foreign origin

6: a strange hairstyle or colour

7: exuding an aura of fear/respect/professionalism

8: looking a remarkably similar to a certain criminal being searched for a few towns over

9: always being either drunk or hungover

10: an unusual level of attractiveness

11: flaunting expensive jewellery

12: having an unusual fighting style

13: wearing protective charms and amulets

14: talking very little

15: displaying the colours of his liege or realm of origin

16: always looking to bed someone

17: extreme profanity

18: having a pet

19: very bad teeth

20: smoking a pipe

21: being very old

22: sporting religious symbols

23: a loud, penetrating voice

24: currently wounded

25: wearing a trophy

26: carrying a small book in a satchel

27: fat

28: heterochromatic

29: speech impediment

30: always eating something

31: wears an eyepatch

32: walks with a limp

33: clad in black

34: good with children

35: looking depressed or dead inside

36: missing an ear

37: clothed inappropriately for the weather

38: spitting on the ground a lot

39: an annoying laugh

40: constantly fidgeting with a coin

d4 their level of competence is:

1: Poor

2: Average

3: Good

4: Excellent

d6 their pricing is:

1: Unbelievably cheap

2: Low

3: Affordable

4: Above average

5: High

6: Exorbitant

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