XCOM 2 WotC Countdown Calendar: Cyril “Blood Sport” Kosta (Week 9/12 Part 1)

Seeing as the Countdown Calendar for XCOM 2 was such a massive success, I decided to use some discarded character concepts and a couple new ones for what is essentially season 2 of the project. For those of you who don’t know: Every Tuesday until the day WotC is released, I will reveal a new soldier on the Avenger, so you can get a small dose of XCOM to bridge the gap.

Quick reminder: I am in no way affiliated with Firaxis, and all this content is fanfiction/headcanon/whatever term you prefer.

An encounter with:

Cyril “Blood Sport” Kosta, from Greece:


In the sickbay, Kosta is patching up the superficial injuries he sustained from wrestling with some ungodly creature in the laboratory. Any challenge the scientists propose, he will accept. It has gotten to the point where everything has to be run by Dr. Tygan to make sure Kosta does not kill himself.

“There’s nothing quite like Deathmatch, but these experiments come close. The thrill of hunting somebody down and the ripping their insides out with a sickle is better than any orgasm I’ve ever had. Before you freak out, that’s one of the major misconceptions about Deathmatch. Yes, we do give people substandard weapons, let them run free, and chase them, but we only do it to ADVENT collaborators. Don’t think for a second those mutons don’t do the same thing with their prisoners.”

A maniacal grin on his face, Kosta shows off the eight muton heads tattooed on his left shoulder.

“That’s only the ones I killed in melee. It’s a great feeling, pulling your axe out of a skull that big. I wish I could do it more often, but alas I am not allowed. I hear the commander wants to keep me around for a while, though I suspect it’s Tygan making sure his guys are the ones who end up being my undoing. I really help out their research by wrestling with those beasts, and I’m glad to do it. There’s no entertainment on this ship. I’m not allowed to drink, because I end up punching people. I’m not allowed to participate in competitive fighting either, because they’re afraid my instincts will take over, and I think that’s a justified fear. I don’t want to kick off anybody’s head in a sparring match. XCOM needs soldiers more than I need gratification, I get it.”

He lets out a grunt while disinfecting a wound to avoid staph.

“I used to do more than one game back before they shut down the Corfu Arena for good. I was an actual gladiator, fighting against all kinds of abominations. I remember after the shutdown, when they locked me up, I ended up killing seven prison guards because I hadn’t split any skulls in a month. That’s something I actually feel bad about. But it helped me break out, and nowadays I get to go on some tense adventures. I said there’s nothing quite like Deathmatch, and I stand by that, because going on missions is better. The stakes are higher, the game is more tactical, the opponents are stronger, and I actually get to accomplish something. Not to mention there’s fewer rules. Going up against ADVENT is a beautiful thing, I tell you. I fight for XCOM, because I just love killing, aliens most of all.”

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