XCOM 2 Countdown Calendar: Howler “Cheese” May (week 10/19)

Since nobody can be expected to just sit and wait for XCOM 2 to come out, we’ll be having ourselves a little countdown for the 19 sundays left between us and salvation. Each week I’ll be showcasing another soldier living aboard the Avenger, who they are, and why exactly it is they fight for XCOM. When the game comes out, I’ll be creating all of these and release them as a content mod for your character pool. But for now, this’ll have to do.

Keep in my that this is all completely fanfiction-based and I am in no way affiliated with Firaxis. I just do this as a fun writing exercise, because I can.

An encounter with:

Howler “Cheese” May, from Australia:

May can be found refining his aim at the shooting range, where he stops his breath to hit a tiny, far away target with a sniper rifle. Only half a moment after couching the weapon, he pulls the trigger and hits.

“I’m not really as interesting a character as the rest of these guys, to be honest. I like guns and shooting, I’m interested in wars and warfare in an academic sense, and I’m slightly lactose intolerant. That’s really all anyone knows about me, because that’s all there is to know. I was born in Melbourne, a teenager when the aliens came. Pretty average family, middle class, Dad was a public defender, Mum used to be a tax accountant. I have a sister, she owns a bar in Canberra. Sure, my career so far wasn’t all that average, but whose is these days, right? I was one of the last generation applicants for the SARS that actually got into training before all national armed forces were incorporated into the ADVENT. They offered me a job, but I never trusted the aliens, and I think the humans who work for them are misguided. Ended up working as a survival guide in the outback, which was a booming industry at the time in many parts of the world. People wanted to be able to go underground if they wanted to. This one time, me and my mate Bruce took out a group of seven on a tour through Fitzgerald River National Park, and it turned out one of them had a blog knocking ADVENT. Pretty funny stuff, if you ask me. There was this one post I read where he called the aliens ‘elevators with only only one floor tile’ and how people were probably nostalgic for the good old days of hardcore racism, because at least Hitler was honest about not liking the Jews. One night, we had just finished a wildlife barbecue to kick things off, they land this huge gunship, a bunch of ADVENT cunts come out, shoot the bloke in the head, and say ‘looks like a crocodile bite to me, don’t it?’. So me mate Bruce gets up, tells him no, he just shot off the bloke’s head, and eats a load himself. I was fucken’ speechless, and luckily the ADVENT bloke left without killing any more people, probably so we’d share the story among our presumed fellow dissidents. So I started working for the Australian resistance, giving them outdoor training, moving people through the country, and later scouting for facilities to raid and sabotage. That’s how I ended up here. I fight for XCOM, because I think you can’t go to someone’s house and make up new rules just because you have bigger guns.”

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