XCOM 2 Countdown Calendar: Genevieve “Loup Garou” Lesauvage (week 11/19)

Since nobody can be expected to just sit and wait for XCOM 2 to come out, we’ll be having ourselves a little countdown for the 19 sundays left between us and salvation. Each week I’ll be showcasing another soldier living aboard the Avenger, who they are, and why exactly it is they fight for XCOM. When the game comes out, I’ll be creating all of these and release them as a content mod for your character pool. But for now, this’ll have to do.

Keep in my that this is all completely fanfiction-based and I am in no way affiliated with Firaxis. I just do this as a fun writing exercise, because I can.

An encounter with:

Genevieve “Loup Garou” Lesauvage, from France:


Lesauvage is in the galley, preparing restaurant-grade reindeer steaks from an animal she hunted herself, and with the very limited supplies given to her.

“Certainly quite civilized for someone likened to a savage animal, no? I was a chef in my real life, before they found out the truth about who killed collaborateurs all over the Normandie and made it look like the attacks of a huge wolf. They compared me to Alain Passard, Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal first, Joseph Vacher, Jeffrey Dahmer and John Cooper were added to the list later. The first three I can agree with, but I’m nothing like those mentally deranged psychopaths.”

After seasoning the steaks with rosemary, thyme, salt and, strangely, a little of her own curry mustard, she puts them in a pan, where one of her infused olive oils (this one with garlic, mint and lemongrass) goes from sizzling to roaring.

“I would never kill an innocent person. I don’t do it for fun, for gratification, or just because. I do it because it needs to be done. When the Nazis invaded my beautiful country, people of all creeds and colours came together to slit their throats, and the throats of the traitors that helped them. I was the chef and owner of the most prestigious restaurant in Caen, L’elefant, and everybody knew I hunted the most choice pieces myself. It was the perfect cover: I got to talk to collaborateurs, because of course they were rich and had to flaunt it, and then I got to go out at night, armed, with no one batting an eye. I remember one man saying ‘be careful Genevieve, there’s a monster prowling in the darkness, and it might just pick a young woman like you for its next meal.’ I killed him in his garden two days later. They figured out it wasn’t really a wolf soon, but still nobody suspected me. Why would they? I am only a woman, after all.”

Grinning, she flips the steaks with the swift, confident moves of a professional.

“I grew more bold, going into buildings and dragging my victims outside. The story of the Loup Garou de la Normandie became legend soon. There was even a movie made about it last year. They paint me as a literal werewolf, sneaking into homes and mauling people’s children in their sleep. The rebels of course, they knew. They were not afraid of me, they even changed their emblem to a wolf. And the more the media all over the country reported on how gruesome the killings were, the more wolf graffities appeared. Of course it couldn’t last forever. A man, I don’t know who, called my cell phone one morning, saying only two words: ‘They know.’ I fled just in time.”

She flips the steaks again, already preparing the next batch without even needing to look.

“I am a patriot, not only of France, but of earth. I fight for XCOM, because three Michelin Stars and seventeen collaborateurs are not the only things I want to accomplish in life.”

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