Audiobook – Sterilization

Is it pretentious to call 12 minutes an audiobook? Definitely.

Direct link for anyone who wants to hear this pretentious audiobook (and a text version) can be found below.

I think I may have found my optimal way to deliver stories to an as of yet unformed audience, and I shall be doing so by using my own voice to do audio versions of my stories. People can’t be bothered to read any more (which, ya know, I wont take myself out of that), and audiobooks have become a legitimate way to enjoy literature. This allows me to produce more content and go a little off the menu and experiment with characters, worldbuilding and narrative. The magazine market is a harsh business, and editors are forced to reject tons of great stories every day. In here, I have greater freedom to do what I want, and I can build an audience that fits me instead of a specific magazine. I’ll still be trying to get some more traditional stories published, though.


Link to the audio version of this.

Link to the text version of this.

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